Last updated: 23rd April 2016

This Privacy Policy, forming part of the Terms and Conditions of Service (, concerns itself with the information that the mobile application and related website(s) ‘turnleft’, operated by Azure Network ltd. (‘we’ or ‘us’), collect about the users of said service (‘you’), how we might use that information and with whom it might be shared. If you encounter any problems or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

  1. Information That Is Collected
  2. How We Use Your Information
  3. Others’ Use Of Information
  4. Privacy For Children
  5. Other Information

  1. Information That Is Collected

Through use of turnleft, information is collected and stored automatically concerning your computer or mobile device and your activities. This information may include but is not limited to:

  1. i) Your device identifier ID. This is unique to your device and allows us to identify your device. We may store your device ID with other information we collect about you.

  1. ii) Information concerning your location, so we can determine your distance from other users. We may save information on your last known location.

iii) Information relating to your browser type, operating system, IP address, date and time of visits and the system preferences on your device.

  1. iv) Information concerning your use of turnleft, such as which features you use, what buttons you press, which external links you might click on and for how long you use turnleft, including date and time.

  1. v) Whether you are online or offline.

Further to the automatically collected information, there are other types of information that we may collect, which may include, but are not limited to:

  1. i) Personal data such as name, photo and any other information you voluntarily add to your profile (e.g. short summary).

  1. ii) Certain information from your LinkedIn profile, including items such as your name, photos, job information, headline, summary etc. We promise never to post things from your LinkedIn account without your permission.

iii) The turnleft users you interact with; for example the users you send a message request to and the users you have message conversations with.

  1. iv) The content of your messages if you chat to other turnleft users.

In addition to this, any third-party services we might use for advertising purposes may collect anonymous personal information about users of our service.

  1. How We Use Your Information

We aim to use your information for the provision and betterment of our services and the user experience, to award badges and loyalty rewards to you, to make special offers, to customise your experience, to improve understanding of users, to fix potential problems and to sell and display offers or ads that might be relevant for you.

With regard to the location-based information that is collected while the app is in use, we save your geographic location so that we might show other turnleft users you are nearby to within a specified distance.

If we advertise, we may use certain data collected on our service to show you advertisements.

We (or third parties on our behalf) may also use the information we collect about you in some of the following ways:

  1. i) For website or mobile app analytics.
  2. ii) To communicate with you about products or services from us or third parties.

iii) To perform research and/or analysis about your use of, or interest in, our or others’ products and services.

  1. iv) To provide customer support and manage your account.
  2. v) To enforce or exercise any rights in our Terms and Conditions of Service.

We try to safeguard your personal information from unauthorised access. However, as no systems are completely secure, we cannot guarantee that your personal information and any other information or content we collect about you, or from you, will always remain secure, despite our reasonable efforts to prevent this.

  1. Others’ Use Of Information

For various reasons, some of which are mentioned below, we might share user information with other companies, depending on the nature of our relationship with them. In general, our users’ information is required to remain confidential.

Information shared with other users: When you register as a user of turnleft, your profile will be viewable by other users. Other users will be able to view information you have provided to us either directly (profile information you edited on the app) or indirectly through LinkedIn (profile information obtained from LinkedIn). This information includes: your full name, your LinkedIn photos or any additional photos you upload to our service, your approximate distance from other users, your home city, your summary, your headline, your industry, your job position information (e.g. title and company) and your linkedIn Profile URL. When you chat with other users, they will see the content of your chat with them.

Service Providers: Any information we collect about our users, including personal information, may be shared with companies that provide services on our behalf. Such services may include customer service, marketing, business analysis, competitions, surveys, analytics and any other services offered through our service.

Advertisers: Should advertisements be displayed on turnleft, we may permit advertisers to collect anonymous information, such as information concerning your mobile device (including identifier IDs), activities or location, in order to enable them to display more personally relevant, targeted ads to you.

Analytics Companies: Services we use for analytics purposes may require certain information about users, in order to effectively monitor usage analytics.

What We Don’t Share: We shall not knowingly provide other companies or individuals with your name, address or contact details (e.g. e-mail address or phone number), except for situations explained in this Privacy Policy.

Aggregated Information: We may make public various forms of aggregated information concerning users, such as the total number of users or overall demographics and sporting trends.

Legal Matters: If required by appropriate law enforcement bodies, we may be required to disclose pieces of user information for a particular purpose. We may also be required to disclose all user information to another company in the case of a corporate transaction, such as a sale, merger or acquisition.

  1. Privacy For Children

As stated in our Terms and Conditions of Service (, we shall not permit those under the age of 16 to use our services and we do not knowingly collect information that is personally identifiable for those under this age.

  1. Other Information

No rights of third parties: This Privacy Policy does not create rights enforceable by third parties.

Changes to this Privacy Policy: We reserve the right to update and make changes to this Privacy Policy when we see fit, without direct notification of changes made. We recommend that you regularly check the Privacy Policy to inform yourself of any changes.

Contact: If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us at

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