The messaging app for events

The best way for attendees to identify and connect with each other before, during and after an event

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  • Your event
  • Attendees
  • View a profile
  • Messaging
  • Notify your attendees

Main Features

Improve your attendees networking experience and increase event value...

Provide a closed pool for your attendees to identify each other and connect before, during and after your event.

Attendees can view the important information about each other and reach out to those they want to meet.

Attendees can continue to message each other after the event while you can also keep your communication open with them.

You can send notifications to your attendees before, during and after, providing you with a fantastic communication channel to reach out.

Your event can be advertised to other turnleft users providing free targeted exposure to potential attendees of this and future events.**

**Only those actually attending your event can view others. If you choose to advertise it on the featured screen, other turnleft users will only be able to see the basic event information and not the attendee list.

Deliver additional value and ROI for attendees

Add your event to turnleft within minutes and provide your attendees with a better networking experience. Contact us to find out about our competitive prices.

Attendees say the #1 reason they go to events is to network and meet others for
business gain. Help them network successfully by using turnleft at your next event.

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